How do I place an order?

To discuss details of an order please get in touch with me via email or by phone. If you want to call, remember that I am located in Alaska so the time (GMT -9) is 1 hour earlier than Pacific and 4 hours earlier than Eastern Standard time. I am usually available after 9am AKST.
The current time in Alaska is

What is the wait time for a rod or blank?

The current build time for a new order is approximately 8-9 months for rod orders. I'm currently not taking orders for blanks and don't expect to be able to until early 2024. Apologies for that.

On occasion I have finished rods and/or blanks available for immediate sale. To see current inventory please take a look at the Available Items page.

Rod details & coordination

To help keep coordinated with all the specifics of an order, I create a custom Rod Details Page on my website for each rod or blank.  This page includes every detail of your order. I work directly off of this virtual 'build sheet' when making your rod or blank.  Having all of the details viewable by both of us in this manner helps to assure you get exactly what you ordered.

A .pdf of your invoice will be available for your review as soon as we have agreed on all the rod details.  The link can be found at the bottom of your rod page and is password protected for privacy.  The password is your last name with the first letter capitalized.

Is a deposit required when ordering?

No deposit is required to place an order for a bamboo rod or blank.

Where are your rods and blanks made?

All rods and blanks are crafted from a single, select culm of Tonkin cane and are made from start to finish by myself in my small garage-shop located in Anchorage, Alaska.

What is included?

Rods come standard with two matching tips, a protective rod sack and an aluminum rod tube with brass dome ends. Hardware and other appointments are of the finest quality I can source or make. Rods are protected with several coats of a proprietary mixture marine spar varnish and arrive ready to fish.

Blanks come with two matching tips, nickel silver ferrules installed and fit, and tip tops installed. Unless specified otherwise, blanks are protected a high gloss overcoat of marine grade spar varnish.

Can I make changes to a pending order?

I am always happy to make changes and adjustments to your order at any time before the point-of-no-return, so to speak. For example, I'd be happy to change your preferred wrap color as long as it is before I have wrapped the rod.

Ready to begin

At the point where I am ready to start your rod or blank and/or order specific components and other hardware, I'll get in touch for a final confirmation that everything on your Rod Details Page is accurate. If you want to make any last minute changes, this will be the time to do it. Once we have confirmed all the details it usually takes 2-4 weeks for me to complete your rod.

Balance Due & Payments

The balance on a rod or blank is due when your rod or blank is finished and ready to ship.  You can pay anytime before I am ready to ship the item. Payment in full must be received and cleared before I can ship. I currently accept major credit/debit cards, Paypal, personal checks, money orders / cashier's checks, and bank transfers upon approval.

I do often have customers who ask to make multiple payments on their rod or blank in order to spread out the cost. I'm always happy to setup a payment schedule that works best for you be it one payment, one payment a month, or anything in between.

Domestic shipping & insurance

Within the United States I prefer to ship via USPS. Delivery time is normally 2 business days for Express Mail and 4-6 days for Priority Mail.  Price estimates can be figured via Rods and blanks are securely packaged and usually weigh around 3 pounds boxed and ready to ship from zip code 99504.

Insurance can often exceed the cost of the actual shipping, especially in the case of rods.  Though I do strongly recommend paying the extra money for insurance, it is your decision whether to purchase it or not.

International shipping

For locations outside the US, I ship via USPS when possible.  Some countries have strict length restrictions for parcels which can be as short as 34".  You can check the length restrictions for your country at the USPS Index of Countries web page.  

In the case that I can't use USPS, or upon your request, I can often ship via FedEx, DHL, or UPS

The buyer is responsible for the full shipping cost plus any incurred customs fees and other duties. I can happily provide a shipping estimate upon placing your rod order, but am unable to estimate any other import fees and duties.

What is your warranty?

I have put a significant amount of time and effort into testing rods and refining techniques that allow me make the most durable bamboo rods possible. However, things happen and rods still sometimes get damaged or broken. Simply put, if a rod is damaged and it is your fault, I'm happy to work with you to repair or replace the part at a very reasonable cost. If a rod is damaged and it was my fault, I will rectify the problem at no cost to you except for the expense of shipping the rod or section to me.

When purchasing a new rod, I understand that most of the time you are unable to or haven't ever cast that exact model rod.  Because of this I have always guaranteed satisfaction, so if you receive the rod, fish it, and aren't completely happy with it for whatever reason, just let me know and we can work out a replacement or a refund.  I would much rather rebuild a rod than have you unhappy or stuck with something that isn't right for you.

Price changes

As with any business, there are times when I need to adjust my prices. If this does happen at any point after you have placed an order, the price for your rod or blank will not increase. The price we agree on at the time of your order is the price you'll be charged once your order is complete.

Secondhand rods

I know that oftentimes rods change hands or get sold for whatever reason. I always try to extend my normal warranty, within reason, even if you aren't the original purchaser of the rod or blank. The bottom line is, if you have any problems, get in touch with me and we'll come to an amicable and satisfactory solution.

Care & Maintenance

For more information on caring and maintaining your rod, please go to my Care & Maintenance page.