Solitude Reels
- Made in Mt. Vernon, Washington, USA -
The new Solitude reels are the closest thing to an 'ideal' real that I have found.  Solid construction, tight tolerances, sensitive sealed cork drag, clean styling plus both silent drag and retrieve.  They may not be a classic S-handle but they fish great, last forever and are very affordable. 
Available Colors

Black (Type III)


All black reels and spools are Type III anodized - a thicker and more durable coating - and are therefore slightly higher in price than the pewter and gold colored reels/spools which are Type II anodized.
S2 and S3 reels come with Mid Arbor spools only.
S4 and S5 reels have the option of either a Mid or Large Arbor spool.

Solitude Reel on Carlin Bamboo Steelhead Rod
Solitude Reel, Carlin Bamboo Rod and Steelhead