Quadrate Tapers
Custom Quad Tapers
Custom Tapers are those that I have designed and built up from scratch without any existing Classic Taper to work form.  Various methods are used to design and modify tapers from computer simulations, to simple beam calculations to building and testing prototypes. 

I offer many different configurations in the various custom tapers so I don't list them all.  If you are interested in something specific and don't see it on the taper list, just check with me in regards to the details and I'm sure I have a model that will fit your needs.
Classic Quad Tapers
Classic Tapers are those that have been designed by rodmakers and companies who either no longer exist or whose tapers have become public domain.  There are very few classic rodmakers who made quadrate rods so you won't see a large variety of classic quad tapers.

If you are interested in a specific classic taper but don't see it listed, please ask as I very likely am able to make it.  I have dividted up the classic tapers down into line weights then further by 'speed', or a rough indication of their action.  For specifics and differences, please get in touch and I'll be happy to go over the details with you.