Rod Tone
Blonde BLD
Light LGT
Medium Med
Dark DRK
Mottled MOT
Guide Color
Natural CRM
Blued BLU
'CP' is an abbreviation for Color Preserver. CP is a sealant that keeps varnish from penetrating the silk and changing/darkening the color. Color preserved wraps are almost identical to the original color of the silk and are opaque. Wraps not treated with CP are more-or-less transparent, with lighter colors being more distinct. Because CP seals the silk, overcoats of varnish can't soak in and the thread won't adhere to the blank and hardware as well as wraps finished without CP. This means that, with heavy use or abuse, CP wraps can eventually crack along the guide feet or ferrule junctions and allow water egress which can result in thread and/or cane discoloration. Because of this I do not use CP on ferrule wraps. If you choose to have the wraps color preserved, the ferrule wraps will be done in a complimentary color without CP.

Wrap color descriptors that are marked with an asterisk * are setup so you can hover your cursor over them and a description and/or some notes regarding the thread will be displayed.

The colors that are listed are my most common and popular. I do have many others available, so if you are interested in a different shade or a color that isn't listed, please ask. Click here to see my wrap color sample sticks, both with and without CP.
To use this page simply click on the different colors for the rod, wrap, tipping and guide type you would like to see.  I have made every attempt to make the colors as close to real life as possible but expect some deviation due to variations in the cane tone, thread, and computer monitors and other displays.
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