Rod Specifications
Line Weight
Rod line weights can vary from light 3 weights made for smaller fish like brook trout or grayling to 9 weight rods built for salmon, steelhead, or light saltwater use.
Rod lengths for single handed rods range from a short 6'3" to 9'. Most 3-4 weight rods work best in the 6'3"-7'9" range, 5-6 weight rods in the 7'6"-8'6" range, and heavier rods from 8'0" to 9'
Rods can be made in either 2 or 3 piece configurations. Three piece rods tend to be slightly heavier, mostly due to the extra ferrule and how they are hollowed, if applicable, and just a slight bit stiffer overall.
Hexagonal rods are made from six strips of carefully tapered bamboo planed into equalateral triangles that are rolled into a single rod section. The hexagonal construction is the most popular method as it is the easiest to construct and is light, durable, and attractive.

Quadrate rods are made from four strips of bamboo tapered into wide isocoles triangles with 45 degree angles on the sides and a 90 angle at the apex. This is a more difficult method of construction than the hexagonal style and results in a rod that is slightly lighter in weight and exhibits a small amount of extra resistance to twisting.
Action / Taper